Our History

   The History of Delisle Community Chapel
A Brethren In Christ Church
May 20th, 1962 marked a very special day for the congregation of the Delisle Community Chapel.  On this day was the Sod-turning Ceremony where the first shovel of dirt was removed in the building of the chapel.
In the beginning the Delisle community congregation started in 1907 in the Lincoln School house, where the Presbyterian and Baptist took turns supplying ministers each Sunday.  The Sunday School Superintendent, Mr. A. M. Tamblyn who was a Methodist, also acted as Bible class teacher.  Other classes were taught by persons of different faiths, all with one goal in mind, that of the betterment of the district and to give the children a chance for spiritual values.
The first Brethren in Christ service was held when the Abraham Winger family moved into the district from Ontario, in the Spring of 1908.  From this time on, the BIC held special meetings as different lay preachers came through  the country.  In the spring of 1911, Rev. Reuben S. Climenhaga and family came from Kansas, and preached every other Sunday until 1913, when he assumed full preaching duties until his death in 1945.
Rev. and  Mrs Charlie Cook and family came from Fenwick, Ont. In Oct. 1946, serving until July 1948.  Miss Pearl Jones from Paddockwood came in 1949 as a mission worker and in 1951 became Mrs. Elmer Zoerb and a permanent resident of the district.
Rev. Robert Sider came from Cheapside, Ont. in 1951 combining pastoral duties and university studies in Saskatoon, and leaving in 1956 to take advantage of the Rhodes scholarship he was awarded.  Rev. Naaman Climenhaga  and Rev. John Garman of Kindersley conducted services in 1956, then Miss Annie Winger and Mrs. Pearl Zoerb were in charge of services in 1957 until Rev. Marshall Baker and Family came form Ont. in Sept. 1957.
Services were held in Frontenac School house from Sept. 1943 to Dec. 1962.  Sod – turning ceremony for a church in Delisle was May 20, 1962 and the first service was a Watch Night Service, Dec. 31, 1962.
Rev. Marshal Baker was pastor from 1957-1967, followed by Rev. Lorne Lichty (1967-1970).  Next was Rev. Jerry Zook (Jan. 71-April 71).  Rev. Robert Climenhaga (1971-1975) pastored DCC and in 1975 the church held a  Walk -a -thon to raise money to pay off the church mortgage!  Rev. Allan Hopper (1975-1981) was next,  followed by Rev. Gareth Evans (1981-1986).
Next came Pastor Lloyd Griffith and his family who currently pastor the BIC church in Kindersley, SK. Lloyd pastored the Delisle Chapel from 1989-2000. He and his wife, Ruth, were involved in the school system and in the community.
After Lloyd left we were excited to have Pastor Mike Piett and his family from Ontario come and pastor DCC.  They were well received but only pastored here until the spring of 2002 as they moved back to Ontario due to the illness of one of their 4 children.
DCC was blessed to have Pastor Carlin and Laurali Fehr and their family come to lead the church In September 2002 – 2015.  Renovations of the sanctuary were completed in April 2004. The Fehr family led DCC for 13 years with great gifting of music and building  relationships. At the end of 2015, Carlin accepted a new position as a corporate chaplain in Saskatoon, but the Fehr family remain active members of DCC.
Rev. Herb Anderson and his wife Ruth (Reno) came to Delisle to pastor DCC in June, 2016. Pastor Herb comes to DCC with many years of pastoral experience as well as working in business, working in food relief in Africa, and taking long distance motorcycle trips. He leads as “the Faster Pastor”, with skills in teaching and preaching.
Ruth has worked in education in Africa for many years as well as business and led the mission teams of 3 different churches, as well as starting a girls high school in Malawi with an organization she started. She is a gifted teacher and leader.
God has been working in DCC for many years, and the history of this church brings
Glory to God!

2 responses to “Our History

  1. Bernice

    What a wonderful History!!! May God Bless and continue His Holy work in the town of Delisle

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